Premium Flooring Estimator 2040

This Premium Flooring Estimator 2040 software program was developed to help retailers and sub-contractors produce  printouts that showed all cuts and fills. This will help your installers to do their job correctly.  Nivben’s software program will save you estimating time and reduce math mistakes. It gives your company a very professional look when submitting a printout of the layout along with a proposal.
I found it helpful for me in developing this product to have 18 years of experience behind me as an installer. At that point I progressed into a flooring retailer and then added commercial contracting for new construction and redo work.

It took 9 years to produced Nivben Software but it help me handle the many measure requests work ordersI received per day. Premium Flooring Estimator 2040 will make a big difference in your life, also.

Features Overview


PDF TAke-off

Upload architects' drawings as PDFs to easily trace rooms to automatically establish quantities of floor covering.


keyboard entry

Manually create rooms via keyboard commands and mouse functions to estimate flooring quantities of physically measured spaces.



Use GTCO Rollup III to physically trace blueprint drawings with use of puck to automatically establish floor pattern to estimate quantities of floor covering.



Create Invoices and Proposals 


Measure request

Create measure requests by choosing from a list of customers and flooring types!


Roll manager

For bigger jobs, run cut measurements into Roll Manager to calculate costs in bulk.


quick estimate

Enter in room measurements in a form for quick calculation.


Printout Gallery

View some printouts created through Premium Flooring Estimator 2040 with PDF Take-Offs, Keyboard Entry, and Digitizer


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Training Available

Training available remotely through TeamViewer and on-site. Contact NivBen Software Inc.] details.